王宗輝 國際蒙特梭利協會AMI 6-12歲合格教師。 國際蒙特梭利協會AMI/NAMTA 12-18歲合格教師。 啟心蒙特梭利實驗教育校長/主教老師。 I am Tsung-Huei WANG, or you can call me Henry. I am a Montessori Elementary Teacher (AMI certificate at ages 6-12). In July, 2017, I just finished the 2017 AMI/NAMTA Montessori Orientation to Adolescent Studies (Ages 12-18)and now back to Taiwan to prepare the environment of Inspiring Montessori Elementary education. My wife and I established "Inspiring Montessori Elementary Education" in April, 2015. We devoted ourselves to organize what this prominent education need in my elementary school. Though, it is quiet difficult, especially there many persons who want you to follow their own way instead of Montessori's. At the begining, we only have 6 children in our class but now, after 2 years, we are going to have 16 children in my class. This year a assistant teacher in my class attends the elementary training courses in Milwaukee, after two more years, we will have another AMI teacher in my school. Adolescent Program is another goal we are heading. Since there is not a qualified Montessori Adolescent teacher in Taiwan, I attended the 2017 AMI/NAMTA Montessori Orientation to Adolescent Studies(Ages 12-18). In this studies, I have learned how to set up a Adolescent School at the ages 12-18, fortunately, in Taipei, it's not difficult to search resources that Adolescent needs but it still takes time to form a real Adolescent Program in Taipei. Come and join us if you are interested in our Montessori Elementary and Adolescent program.

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